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23rd Essentials Seminar of the European Nutrition Leadership Platform

By Markus Dines Knudsen UiO and Cancer Registry of Norway, 18.05.2017 09:36

I was granted money from EPINOR to participate in the ENLP seminar 2017 a bit outside Luxemburg city. I can highly recommend this 8 days seminar, the teaching is of a very high level and the things you learn at this seminar you will be able to use afterwards both professionally and private. I will let you know a bit about what the ENLP is, but try not to reveal too much.

The ENLP is held small hotel surrounded by forest outside the city of Luxemburg. You will meet approximately 30 others participants who are within their last year of their PhD, first year of the post doc or who are relatively new in the food/nutritional industry. All bear the same passion of nutrition and health and want to make the world more healthy and at the same time be good leaders.

Networking workshop Foto: Markus Dines Knudsen

The ENLP starts with two days of intense outdoor team building, where you will be switched around into different teams solving different assignments that you are only able solve as a team. An instructor will observe and evaluate the team and the individual persons. After every end assignment there will be an evaluation of how the team solved the assignment. During this participants will also learn to evaluate, and how to give and receive feedback (positive and negative).

The next four days is on a more individual perspective, you get to know yourself, your weakness, and strengths and where you can improve and where you might or might not should try to improve. You will get both personal and professional coaching. You will be able to challenge yourself personal and professional, get out of your comfort zone, and get new ambitious ideas.

The ENLP seminar mange to create a unique environment that I have never experienced before. This safe environment make it possible for the participants to evolve professedly and personally and to become qualified future leaders. Furthermore, the ENLP create a unique opportunity to create a network within nutritionist from all over Europe from academia and the industry. Simultaneously to the Essential program there is the advanced program where experienced leader’s participate. This also make a great opportunity to network at create relationships.

Outdoor activities Foto: Markus Dines Knudsen

I can only recommend that if you are within the nutrition field apply for the ENLP!

-Markus Dines Knudsen.

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