Multidisciplinary research group for health and care services in the municipalities

The purpose of the research group is to benefit and engender new knowledge relating to the municipal health and care services in order to make improvements to the services provided to patients/consumers, clients, related parties and personnel who treat and care for patients. This new knowledge can be developed via specific and multidisciplinary research field work. The research centres on persons with a long-term and acute requirement for care and treatment provided by the municipal health and care services.  Moreover, the research will focus on the social and organisational aspects that have an impact on the services provided. Other areas that may be of interest for research include the activities of voluntary organisations. Translational research – how to translate existing knowledge into improved practice – will be a focal point for the research group. The research group is made up of several disciplines, and one of the central objectives is to make improvements to multidisciplinary research.

Research Group leader
Mari Wolff Skaalvik
Telefon: 77644882