CVD Epidemiology

Welcome to a 5-day intensive PhD level course in CVD epidemiology in Russia!

The course intends to develop competence for undertaking research of epidemiologic nature in association with the IPCDR project “Cardiovascular disease in Russia: Strengthening evidence about causes, mechanisms, prevention and treatment – An international research collaboration 2014-19”.

Course key words are student activity and mastering. Each day a major CVD risk factor is to be studied. In the morning, the epidemiology is presented with lectures, discussion and presentation. Then statistical analysis methods are presented followed by a presentation in the statistical program package R. After lunch the students work individually on their own PC with example data from a cross-sectional study before they present the results for the other students. The day ends with an open lecture on some research topic.

There is no fee, and all costs for flights and accommodation will be covered.

The deadline has now expired and there are no more seats available. Applicants have been notified and those accepted and flying in have got their tickets.

For the 2015 couse held in Kazan, information can be found at the link to the right.