Constitutional law

Research group for constitutional law

The main purpose of this research group is to strengthen the focus on constitutional law at the Faculty of Law in Tromsø. For this purpose, the research group will primarily consider the fields of domestic constitutional law, comparative studies of constitutional law, public international law and international human rights law.

The enhancement of the focus on constitutional law is sought both through research and the classes taught on our topics during the master program in law in Tromsø. Our research generates new knowledge through, especially, the facilitation of research projects, the organizing of academic seminars, and academic publications.

The group will also seek to facilitate interest in the field by young researchers, and will seek to provide supervision for students willing to write master thesis on the issues considered by the research group.

The group also welcomes international cooperation with scholars working within the same fields.

Professor Stig H. Solheim chairs the research group.

Further information about the research group is, for now, only available in Norwegian. Please see our Norwegian home page.