Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy - ARC

UiT The Arctic University of Norway is in 2017 establishing the Arctic Centre for Sustainable Energy (ARC). This is an interdisciplinary centre focusing on Arctic challenges and conditions within renewable energy and greenhouse gas management. The centre will combine expertise in physics, humanities, chemistry, social sciences, applied mathematics, marine biology, computer science, and electrical engineering. The initiative will permeate the university in its entirety and will strengthen existing research activities at UiT within the scope of the centre.

The centre is a 110 MNOK initiative by UiT, which will finance eight new professors within renewable energy and greenhouse gas management. Each new professor will receive one PhD student and/or one postdoctoral position at his/her disposal as part of a start-up package. The applicant should value working in an interdisciplinary environment.

The centre’s main objectives are:

  • interdisciplinary R&D excellence within renewable energy and CO2 management in order to create sustainable societies in the Arctic
  • to create an internationally competitive and outstanding environment that is an attractive R&D partner for the commercial and public sectors
  • to ensure that graduates receive high quality education and expertise within renewable energy and CO2 management that is relevant for the business and public sector in the north

The focus themes of the centre, seen in an Arctic context, are ethical and responsible prosumption of distributed renewable electricity, fuels and thermal energy, and an accountable management of greenhouse gases.


Renewable Energy in Remote and Indigenous Communities

Our international partner, University of Saskatchewan, Canada, is hosting a seminar on Renewable Energy in Remote and Indigenous Communities Sept. 5th, 2017. ARC is invited to this seminar, and current lead Yngve Birkelund will attend the seminar and workshop this week. The goal for participation, is to create a international collaboration and initiatives connected to renewable energy projects.  Part of this seminar is streamed live, on the link under.



Upcoming Seminars

Paralysis. Why do we do so little, when there is so much at stake?

Wednesday April 25th, 13:15-14:00, Campus Tromsø, SV- og HUM-bygget: E 0104

Speaker: Svein Anders Noer Lie,  Associate Professor, Philosophy

CO2 Conversion: Fuels, Chemicals, and Mars Missions

Wednesday May 23, 13:15-14:00, Campus Tromsø, Teknologibygget,  Auditorium, 1.023

Speaker: Kathrin Helen Hopmann, Researcher, Theoretical chemistry

Carbon Capture and Utilization workshop at Finnfjord AS (Northern Norway),  Tuesday 29.05.18

For more information and registration, preferably before Wednesday 25.04.18:

Richard Andre Ingebrigtsen:

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