Smart Health and Welfare

The research focus on how existing and new technology can be adapted and developed to meet the demands of the future. This include the use of mobile devices, intelligent monitoring, ubiquitous computing, etc.

In the Smart Health research group, we apply ICT to address problems related to the health and welfare of people, both from a patient perspective and from a medical and institutional point of view. Following the consolidation of e-health, the generalized use of mobile devices with positioning capabilities opened the door to mobile health (m-health), which could be understood as the delivery of healthcare services via mobile communication devices.

Environments with sensing capabilities like Smart Cities, smart buildings and homes, pave the way for the adoption of the concept of 'Smart Health': a new health paradigm based on ICT that uses the contextual information of smart environments to provide advanced healthcare services, to improve patients quality of life and to optimize costs and resources.

The research group is cross-disciplinary.