Venous thromboembolism and risk of arterial thrombotic diseases

Growing evidence supports an association between venous thromboembolism (VTE) and
arterial thrombotic diseases

We aimed to study the association between VTE and future arterial events in a large prospective cohort recruited from the general population. More than 80 000 individuals were followed for more than 12 years.

An association between VTE and future arterial events was found in all women and men aged <65 years but not in men aged >65 years. Women <65 years old with VTE had 3-fold higher risk of arterial disease compared with women of the same age without VTE. The corresponding risk in men aged <65 years was 2-fold. The risk was highest the first year after a pulmonary embolism.

Even though a higher risk was found in subjects with VTE, only 1% of the arterial thrombotic events were attributed to VTE in the population.


The paper was published in Circulation:


References: Lind C, Flinterman LE, Enga KF, Severinsen MT, Kristensen SR, Braekkan SK, et al. Impact of incident venous thromboembolism on risk of arterial thrombotic diseases. Circulation. 2014;129(8):855-63.

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