Welcome to Hans Christopher Bernstein, new ARC Associate Professor, BFE-NFH

Most commonly known for Bioengineering of algae and bacteria as well as microbial

Hans Christopher Bernstein, Associate Professor, BFE-NFH

Formerly a Senior Staff Scientist within the Biological Sciences Division at The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Washington State, USA.

PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State University

Childhood home in the mountains of Montana.

Hans Christopher Bernstein joined ARC and the UiT in May 2018, In this text he introduces himself, his background and the project he is about to undertake.

Research Interests:

My overarching research goal understand how microbial ecosystems work, how microbes interact, and how natural design principles can be re-engineered to build new processes and products. I am specifically interested in using a combination of synthetic biology, functional genomics and bioprocess engineering to develop new carbon capture and utilization technologies.

I love to work on big challenges that have the potential to positively impact people and the natural environments that we share. I believe that this is best achieved by working in large interdisciplinary teams that focus on collective goals and hypothesis-driven research.

Why UiT and ARC:

It was important for me to live and work in a place that has really good opportunities to spend time in nature. UiT and ARC have an inspiring scientific vision and also a real connection to the lands and oceans of the arctic.

Tromsø is perfect! It has a small, diverse population of people that know how to take care of each other and the environment.

I like to be spend time being a father but this includes fly fishing, hunting and split boarding with my family.

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