ARC team awarded 16 MNOK for interdisciplinary research project: RENEW

UiT the Arctic University of Norway has awarded a new interdisciplinary research project: Transformation to a Renewable & Smart Rural Power System Community (RENEW)

By co-creating solutions with the communities and the utility company Troms Kraft, the research team will have the possibility to generate a large-scale sociotechnical experiment at Northern Senja. The overall solution will be a landmark in the history of regional community electricity supply. Troms Kraft is indispensable as a cooperation partner, having access to power data and large scale power system infrastructures.

T. Boström, Husøy i Senja Foto: Berit Kristoffersen
With the user in focus, RENEW will develop, test and implement Renewable and Smart Rural Power System Communities. The future grid will be a complex system-of-systems, incorporating various intelligent devices communicating with each other. Interactions between various technological, organisational, and human factors add complexity that needs to be addressed in a holistic and coordinated way to support system innovation.

The interdisciplinary research team has chosen two suitable case studies, Husøy and Senjahopen. Both have vulnerable power grid radials located at Northern Senja (large island just southwest of Tromsø) and are dominated by rapid growth in seafood production, distribution and power demand, but with highly varying daily and yearly power consumption. The communities include industry, private and public power consumers. Both communities are characterized by being small, 100-200 (households and industries) in total and strong social infrastructures. This provides an opportunity to engage in knowledge dialogues on specific solutions to the fast approaching energy and power gap. The two case studies also allows for comparisons and for testing out different approaches.

PhD opportunities

Three PhD position will be recruited within the following themes:

  • Electricity Grid, User & Technology Communication,   is at Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
  • Rural Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles (EVs) & Energy Efficiency   Department of Physics and Technology , is at Faculty of Science and Technology
  • Users and Rural Community & Industry development is at Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

The team:

Prof. T. Boström, scientific project coordinator, current director of ARC, renewable energy, IFT, NT, UiT
Prof. M. Chiesa, strategic project coordinator, director of ARC from 2019, solar energy, IFT, NT, UiT
Assoc. prof. Y. Birkelund, wind energy, IIS, NT, UiT
Prof. HK. Hernes, society sustainable energy, ISV, HSL, UiT
Assoc. prof. B. Kristoffersen, society sustainable energy, ISV, HSL, UiT
Prof. T. Gjengedal, smart grid, IET, IVT, UiT

Troms Kraft AS, local power producer and grid operator

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