Guest lecture by professor Donald K. Warne

Professor Donald K. Warne from North Dakota visits the Centre for Sami Health Research. We are pleased to welcome all to an open guest lecture August 22, 13:00-15:00, Auditorium 2, U6.A2A, MH East. Dr. Warne will give a lecture with the title “American Indian Public Health: History, Current Issues, and Promising Practices”. Welcome! Read more HERE.


Collaboration within indigenous research and education

Visit from Australia and New Zealand


Å bryte tausheten om vold – Breaking the silence of violence

This year's Nobel Peace Prize reminds us that openness and communication about violence and sexual abuse are essential to create a better society for all. This applies to all cultures – including here in Norway. Researcher Astrid Eriksen from the Centre for Sami Health Research has written this article in "Nordnorsk debatt" (written in Norwegian).