The research group offers research-based teaching in general and comparative physiology, both at the Bachelor, Master and PhD levels, in which students are also given exclusive opportunities for field experience in the arctic.

Courses and teaching activities:

  • BIO-1104 - Zoologi
  • BIO-1105 - Biologi: fortid, nåtid og framtid
  • BIO-2002 - Dyrefysiologi
  • BIO-3030 - Extreme Animal Physiology
  • BIO-3014 - Biological rythms (Master)
  • BIO-8017 - Biological rythms (PhD)
  • HEL-6320 - Course in Animal Experimentation for Researchers 


Relevant M.Sc. research topics (2021):



  • Seasonal control of smoltification & appetite in salmonids [david.hazlerigg@uit.no; shona.wood@uit.no; alexander.c.west@uit.no]
  • Photoperiodism and circadian/circannual timekeeping in hibernators [shona.wood@uit.no; david.hazlerigg@uit.no; vebjorn.j.melum@uit.no; fredrik.a.markussen@uit.no]
  • Photoperiodism and circadian/circannual timekeeping in ptarmigan [david.hazlerigg@uit.no; daniel.appenroth@uit.no]
  • Photoperiodism and circadian/circannual timekeeping in reindeer [david.hazlerigg@uit.no; shona.wood@uit.no]


Energetics/temperature regulation:

  • Microbial digestion in herbivores [monica.a.sundset@uit.no]
  • Energy requirements of seals [lars.folkow@uit.no]
  • Thermoregulatory adaptations of high-latitude birds & mammals [lars.folkow@uit.no]


Diving physiology:

  • Diving physiology and cerebral hypoxia tolerance in pinnipeds & cetaceans [lars.folkow@uit.no; chiara.ciccone@uit.no]


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