The research group is located in the Arctic Biology facility at the UiT campus, which includes offices, laboratories, animal rooms, workshops, store rooms and garages within 4 separate buildings totalling about 2 700 m2. The buildings are located within a fenced area of >50 000 m2 which also includes pens for the holding of experimental animals. The research animal facility is approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority for the maintenace of arctic mammals and birds (reindeer, seals, ptarmigan) for research purposes. The group also operates a field station on Ryøy, ~20 km outside Tromsø, and in Adventdalen on the high-arctic archipelago of Svalbard. 

We plan to further develop and modernize existing laboratory and animal research facilities on the UiT campus, which are of fundamental importance to our research. Our plans for future research activities also depend heavily on continued access to the Marine Research Laboratory in Kårvika, to an ice-strengthened research vessel suitable for operation in pack-ice for seal studies (R/V Helmer Hanssen), and to the field stations on Ryøy and in Adventdalen on Svalbard.

The research groups new blog can be found here. The group is also on facebook.

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