Social life

The freshwater ecology group is well known for our social activities within the group. Ice fishing, parties, going to restaurants and grabbing an after-work beer are examples and are ideally monthly events.   

Every fourth week we have a common meeting by a bonfire, eating cake, where the progress of the group is discussed. Here we encourage our master students to participate as they are a valuable part of the group. The freshwater group is frequently visited by international researchers and students and the meetings are also a way of welcoming them to the group.

In 2012 one of our professors won “Den glade laks”, a prize that is awarding persons who are extra valuable to their working environment at the BFE-faculty. The award is association with characteristics such as, helpful, humorous, supportive, kind, pleasant, generous, friendly, hospitable, which are all traits that can describe our group as a whole.     

In the freshwater ecology group we believe that the best and quickest way of obtaining our professional goals is to work together. Our group motto is therefor:

“Science is a social endeavor”

Welcome :)