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August 2022 Alexander T. Tveit will give a talk at the Gordon Research Conference (Waterville Valley, USA) - Molecular Basis of Microbial One-Carbon Metabolism: Enzymes and Metabolisms Driving the Global Carbon Cycle (invited speaker). Title: tba 
9. Dec. 2021 Alexander T. Tveit will give a talk at the NORDic network for BioGeoScience in terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems (online). Title: tba
29. Nov. 2021 Vincent Carrier will defend his PhD thesis! More info will follow soon
1. Nov. 2021 Alexander T. Tveit will give a talk at the Ny-Ålesund Terrestrial Flagship side-meeting at the Svalbard Science Conference (Oslo). Title: tba
21. - 29. Oct. 2021 Alexander T. TveitAndrea Söllinger, and Laureen S. Ahlers will go on a sampling trip to Iceland. Finally at the ForHot sampling sites!
October 2021 OUT NOW! Edda M Rainer, Christophe VW Seppey, Caroline Hammer, Mette M Svenning & Alexander T. Tveit published a paper in Microorganisms: The Influence of Above-Ground Herbivory on the Response of Arctic Soil Methanotrophs to Increasing CH4 Concentrations and Temperatures
Autumn 2021 Andrea Söllinger was (s)elected as member of the AMB institute committee (representative of all temporal employees & the Microorganisms and Plants group). Congratulations Andreaand thanks for taking over this responsibility!
2021 - 2025 Alexander T. Tveit got a new project funded: Living on Air (LoAir). The project was funded (8 MNOK) by the Research Council of Norway (Researcher Project for Young Talents). CONGRATULATIONS Alex! More information will follow.
8. Oct. 2021 Bowling - the Methane-Group gathered for a social evening and new challanges ;-)
7. Oct. 2021 Oliver Schmidt gave a talk at the Microorganisms & Plants seminar. Title: The root zone of fen graminoids: hot spot for fermenters trophically linked to methanogens
27. - 28. Sept. 2021 Kathrin M. Bender, Yngvild Bjørdal, Liabo L. Motleleng, Andrea Söllinger, and Alexander T. Tveit went on a field-road-trip sampling peat soils in nothern Finland, Sweden, and Norway
September 2021 Yngvild Bjørdal joined the CECO team as a research assistant. Welcome back Yngvild!
August 2021 Laureen S. Ahlers joined the CECO team as a master student. Welcome Laureen!
12. Aug. 2021 OUT NOW! Sizhong YangSusanne LiebnerMette M. Svenning, and Alexander T. Tveit published a paper in Molecular Ecology: Decoupling of microbial community dynamics and functions in Arctic peat soil exposed to short term warming 
July 2021 Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye again, Dimitri Kalenitchenko was leaving Tromsø (for now). Bon voyage Dimitri, good luck with your new position, and come back soon!
July 2021 CANCELLED! Alexander T. Tveit will give a talk at the Gordon Research Conference - Applied and Environmental microbiology (invited speaker). Title: tba
June 2021 Oliver Schmidt  joined our reseach group, working as a post-doc in the LoAir project. Welcome Olli!
June 2021 Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Lisa-Marie Delpech. Bon voyage Lisa-Marie and good luck for your future PhD!
25. June 2021 Lab hiking day - the Methane-Group was exploring the Lyngenalps and Blåvatnet
25. June 2021 Lisa-Marie Delpech gave a talk summarizing her internship. Title: Fantastic MOBs and where not to find them: some preliminary results about microbial communities of the Lagoon Pingo (Svalbard), winter 2021
22. June 2021 Andrea Söllinger gave a talk at the World Microbe Forum - online - Title: Central metabolic responses of microorganisms to years and decades of soil warming
11. June 2021 Yngvild Bjørdal successfully defend her master thesis entitled "Rapid microbial responses to temperature changes in Arctic anoxic peat soil." CONGRATULATIONS Yngvild! Additionally, we are also very happy that you will stay for a little longer with us.
27. May 2021 Andrea Söllinger gave a talk at the Microorganisms & Plants seminar. Title: Does global warming force soil microorganisms to lose weight?
May 2021 Alexander T. Tveit and Dimitri Kalenitchenko were back on Svalbard to teach part of the AKMA course (Advancing Knowledge on Methane in the Arctic)
29. Apr. 2021 Alexander T. Tveit gave a talk at the Institute of Microbiology, University of Innsbruck, Austria. Title: Microbial temperature responses in Arctic soils
22. Apr. 2021 Tilman Schmider gave a talk at the Microorganisms & Plants seminar. Title: Simultaneous Oxidation of Atmospheric Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen for Bacterial Growth
12. - 22. Apr. 2021 Coline Le Noir de Carlan and Biplabi Bhattarai, our ForHot colleagues from Belgium and Estonia, went back to Iceland for a sampling trip - lucky us - they sentsome ice-cold ForHot soil samples dirctly to Tromsø. Tusen takk!
30. Mar. 2021 OUT NOW! Kathrin M. Bender, Mette M. Svenning, Yuntao Hu, Andreas Richter, Julia Schückel, Bodil Jørgensen, Susanne Liebner and Alexander T. Tveit published a paper in Polar BiologyMicrobial responses to herbivory‑induced vegetation changes in a high‑Arctic peatland. CONGRATULATIONS on your 1st paper Kathi!
21. Mar. 2021 OUT NOW! Andrea Söllinger co-authored a publication in The ISME Journal: The soil microbial food web revisited: Predatory myxobacteria as keystone taxa?
March 2021 Lisa-Marie Delpech joined our reseach group. Welcome Lisa-Marie!
5. Mar. 2021 OUT NOW! Tilman Schmider co-authored a publication in Communications Biology: Hyperthermophilic methanogenic archaea act as high-pressure CH4 cell factories
21. Feb. - 5. Mar. 2021 Alex and Dimitri went to Svalbard, Norway, doing fieldwork on Lagoon pingo.
12. Jan. 2021 OUT NOW! Alexander T. Tveit, Tilman Schmider, Anne Grethe Hestnes, Matteus Lindgren, Alena Didriksen & Mette M. Svenning published a paper in Microorganisms: Simultaneous Oxidation of Atmospheric Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen for Bacterial Growth
HAPPY NEW YEAR We wish all our collaborators, colleagues, and friends a happy new year. Stay healthy! Thanks for the scientifically exciting and productive last year! However, we are looking forward to 2021…
29. Dec. 2020 OUT NOW! Alexander Tøsdal Tveit, Andrea Kiss, Matthias Winkel, Fabian Horn, Tomáš Hájek, Mette Marianne Svenning, Dirk Wagner & Susanne Liebner published a paper in Scientific ReportsEnvironmental patterns of brown moss- and Sphagnum-associated microbial communities. 
4. Dec. 2020 Kathrin Bender mastered here mid-term evaluation with flying colours. CONGRATULATIONS Kathi!
December 2020 Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Christophe Seppey. Bon voyage Christophe and good luck for your new position in Potsdam!
Nov. 2020 CANCELLED! 18. - 20. November. We will finally have our group retreat on Sommarøy, which had to be postponed due to theongoing pandemic.
October 2020 OUT NOW! Mud everywhere – the cruise blog on the most recent sampling adventure of Dimitri, Alex, and Tilman
1. - 11. Oct. 2020 Coline Le Noir de Carlan and Biplabi Bhattarai, our ForHot colleagues from Belgium and Estonia, went to Iceland for a sampling trip - lucky us - they sent some fresh ForHot soil samples dirctly to Tromsø. You are the best!
September 2020 OUT NOW! Vincent Carrier, Mette M. Svenning, Friederike Gründger, Helge Niemann, Pierre-Antoine Dessandier, Giuliana Panieri and Dimitri Kalenitchenko published a paper in Frontiers in Microbiology: The Impact of Methane on Microbial Communities at Marine Arctic Gas Hydrate Bearing Sediment
14. - 27 Sept. 2020
Alex, Dimitri and Tilman went on a sampling trip to Svalbard. Fresh samples from the Lagoon pingo collected right before it started to freeze. Sampled with much blood, sweat and tears!
11. Sept. 2020
Pernille M. Skaset Fåne successfully defend her master thesis entitled:"Novel methanotrophic community assemblages in a terrestrial methane seep in Svalbard". CONGRATULATIONS Pernille! You will be missed!
September 2020
Liabo L. Motleleng finally joind the CECO team as an engineer - Welcome Liabo!
August 2020
OUT NOW! PNAS Science Sessions Podcast with Mette M. Svenning and Alexander T. Tveit: Soil bacterium that lives on air
August 2020 CANCELLED! Alexander T. Tveit will give a talk at the C1 Gordon conference (invited speaker) - Atmospheric methane oxidizing bacteria
August 2020 Alex, Mette, and Kathi went to Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard, for fieldwork. Investigating grazing effects on soil microbial communities.
July 2020 Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Anne and Franziska. You will be missed!
17. July 2020 Anne Margriet Mol successfully defended her bachelor thesis. CONGRATULATIONS Anne!
July 2020 OUT NOW! Edda M Rainer, Christophe VW Seppey, Alexander T Tveit and Mette M Svenning published a paper in FEMS Microbiology EcologyMethanotroph populations and CH4 oxidation potentials in High Arctic peat are altered by herbivory induced vegetation change
6. July 2020 Social gathering at Straumshella. BBQ, fishing, and simply welcoming the summer :-)
24. June 2020 Franziska Nagel successfully defend her master thesis entitled: "Linking methane fluxes and oxidation rates to methane oxidizing bacteria in an Arctic terrestrial methane seep, Svalbard". CONGRATULATIONS Franzi! 
June 2020 For the first time after the Corona-lockdown Tilman, Dimitri, and Alexander were able to go back to Svalbvard for a brief sampling; Lagoon pingo, Svalbard, Norway
June/July 2020 Andrea Söllinger and Alexander T. Tveit presented their current work and future plans at the ForHot online meeting 2020
May 2020 OUT NOW! New paper on Siberian lake microbiomes: Anaerobic oxidation of methane and associated microbiome in anoxicwater of Northwestern Siberian lakes. Léa Cabrol, Frédéric Thalasso, Laure Gandois, Armando Sepulveda-Jauregui, Karla Martinez-Cruz, Roman Teisserenc, Nikita Tananaev, Alexander T. Tveit, Mette M. Svenning and Maialen Barret
May 2020 We proudly present our brand new CECO logo. Designed by Tilman Schmider. It looks amazing Tilman!
May 2020 CANCELLED! AndreaPernille, and Franziska will present their work at the nature conference A Changing Arctic, Tromsø, Norway
March 2020 CANCELLED! 24th - 25th/26th of March. We will have a group retreat and are very much looking forward to welcome our collaborators Andreas Richter (University of Vienna, Austria), Joana Séneca (University of Vienna, Austria, and Tim Urich (University of Greifswald, Germany) in Tromsø and on Sommarøy.
March 2020 Fieldwork on Lagoon pingo, Svalbard, Norway

March 2020

Alexander T. Tveit, Anne Grethe Hestnes, Mette M. Svenning, and colleagues were awarded the Cozzarelli Prize, an award that recognizes outstanding contributions to the scientific disciplines represented by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), USA, for their paper on the first pure culture of a methane-oxidizing bacterium that can grow on air. Widespread soil bacterium that oxidizes atmospheric methane. CONGRATULATIONS!

February 2020

Anne Margriet Mol joined the CECO team. Welcome Anne!

December 2019

Tilman joined the CECO team as a PhD candidate. Thanks for your great work as CECO engineer and welcome in your new position! Working title: The role of the microbial community in CH4 emissions at terrestrial cold seeps 

December 2019

Franziska was awarded a travel grant (for travels during master theses) by the University of Tromsø to support her fieldwork on Svalbard. CONGRATULATIONS!

November 2019

Methane cycling microorganisms in Arctic ecosystems – Oral presentation by Alexander T. Tveit at the CAGE christmas seminar, Tromsø, Norway

November 2019

Alex  T. Tveit received the young investigator prize 2019 (pris til yngre forskar) awarded by the University of Tromsø. CONGRATULATIONS!

November 2019

Yngvild joined the CECO team as a master student. Welcome back Yngvild!

October 2019

Unfortunately Joana's stay is already over. It was great to have you here but it was way to short!

October 2019

Kathrin Bender was elected as member of the AMB institute committee (representative of all temporal employees). Congratulations Kathi and thanks for taking over this responsibility!

September 2019

Andrea, Pernille, Franziska and Tilman organized a booth at this years forskningsdagene at the University of Tromsø. De usynlige heltene: Bakterier og venner (Invisible heroes: Bacteria and friends)

August 2019

Joana Séneca, a PhD student from Vienna, temporary joined us. Welcome to the North, Joana!

July/Aug. 2019

Fieldwork on Lagoon pingo, Svalbard, Norway. Our new Ultraportable Greenhouse Gas Analyzer (UGGA aka Angie) finally in action!

July 2019

Unfortunately Maialen's sabbatical is over. Bon voyage Maialen! It was great having you here!

July 2019

Living on air – Oral presentation by Alexander T. Tveit at the Gordon research seminar Applied and environmental microbiology, MA, USA

July 2019

Widespread soil bacterium that oxidizes atmospheric methane – Poster presentation by Alexander T. Tveit at the Gordon research seminar Applied and environmental microbiology, MA, USA

July 2019 Cells in the Cold - Temporal Dynamics of Cold-Adapted CH4-Cycling Microorganisms & Microbial Communities in a Changing Arctic – Poster presentation by Andrea Söllinger at the EMBO Practical Course Breathless microbes: Techniques and theory in anaerobic microbiology, Wageningen, Netherlands
June 2019 Jeanette successfully defended her master thesis entitled: Time dependent temperature effects on methane production in Arctic peat soils. CONGRATULATIONS!
June 2019 Temporal, Spatial and Temperature Dynamics in Cold-Adapted CH4-Cycling Microbiota – Poster presentation by Kathrin Bender at the EMBO Practical Course Metagenomics Bioinformatics, EMBL-EBI, Hixton, United Kingdom
May 2019 Living on air – Oral presentation by Alexander T. Tveit, NiBIO Holt, Tromsø, Norway
May 2019 Science Day - one day dedicated to meet and talk about the research performed by the Methane-Group (including the CECO team)
May 2019 Andrea Söllinger recieved an EMBO travel grant to support her participation in the EMBO Practical Course Breathless microbes: Techniques and theory in anaerobic microbiology, Wageningen, Netherlands. CONGRATULATIONS!
Spring/Summer 2019 Our paper describing the first atmospheric methane oxidizing bacterium got a lot of local, national, and international attention e.g. iTromsø, aftenpostenNRK, phys.org, inverse, dailymail, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Pharmazeutische Zeitung, DerStandard
April 2019 OUT NOW! Widespread soil bacterium that oxidizes atmospheric methane. – Journal article. Tveit et al. PNAS
April 2019 Fieldwork on Lagoon pingo and other terrestrial CH4 seeps, Svalbard, Norway
April 2019 Franziska Nagel joined the CECO team. Welcome! Working title of her master thesis: Linking methane fluxes and oxidation-rates to a microbial community in an Arctic terrestrial methane seep, Svalbard
March 2019

ForHot project meeting, Sitges, Spain. Attended by Alexander Tveit and Andrea Söllinger. 

Quantitative metatranscriptomics – Oral presentation by Andrea Söllinger, ForHot project meeting, Sitges, Spain. 

Natural soil warming of Icelandic grasslands – metatranscriptomic insights – Oral presentation by Andrea Söllinger, ForHot project meeting, Sitges, Spain. 

March 2019 CECO receives strategic funding from UiT to build a new laboratory! In collaboration with Mette M. Svenning and supported by BFE and IG (Institute for Geology), we will build a new state-of-the-art laboratory for experimental and molecular biology at Naturfagsbygget
March 2019 Maialen Barret (Ecolab, INPT-ENSAT, Toulouse, France) temporary joined us. Welcome to the North, Maialen! We are very happy that you chose Tromsø for a sabbatical. 
March 2019 Tilman Schmider joined the CECO team as a temporary engineer. Welcome Tilman! 
February 2019

The plant cover determines microbial food web structure in high-Arctic peatlands – Oral presentation by Kathrin Bender at the Norsk Økologisk Forening (NØF) 2019, Tromsø, Norway

February 2019 Andrea Söllinger joined the CECO team as a postdoc. Welcome Andrea!
January 2019 Increased vascular plant growth leads to a larger and more complex microbial foodweb in high Arctic peatlands  – Oral presentation by Kathrin Bender at Arctic frontiers 2019, Tromsø, Norway
December 2018 Yngvild successfully defended her bachelor thesis entitled: Temperatur- og tidsmessig påvirkning av sykliske mikrobesamfunn i arktisk torvjord. CONGRATULATIONS!
December 2018 Pernille M. Skaset Fåne joined the CECO team as a master student. Welcome Pernille! Working title of her thesis: Microbial community structure in and around an Arctic terrestrial methane seep
October 2018 Kathrin Bender finally joined the CECO team officially as a PhD candidate. Welcome Kathi! Working title of her thesis: Temporal, spatial and temperature dynamics in cold-adapted CH4 cycling microbiota
August 2018 Yngvild Bjørdal joined the CECO team as a bachelor student. Welcome Yngvild! 
August 2018 Fieldwork on Svalbard, Norway. Arctic peat soil sampling near Longyearbyen. Field crew: Alex T. Tveit and Kathrin M. Bender. Polar bears are not the only danger on Svalbard!
July 2018

CECO kick-off

before July 2018

Getting ready! Already on board: Kathrin M. Bender and Jeanette Grunnvåg









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CECO logo by Tilman Schmider
P.E.A.T sampling - Neitajaureh (Finland), September 2021 Foto: Andrea Söllinger
Group picture June 2021, Blåvatnet
Bender et al. Microbial responses to herbivory‑induced vegetation changes in a high‑Arctic peatland. Polar Biology
Tveit & Schmider et al. Simultaneous Oxidation of Atmospheric Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen for Bacterial Growth. Microorganisms
Tveit et al., 2020.  Environmental patterns of brown moss- and Sphagnum-associated microbial communities. Scientific Reports
Mud everywhere - read the cruise blog on the sampling adventure of Dimitri, Alex, and Tilman, September 2020, Svalbard. Foto: Dimitri Kalenitchenko
Listen to the PNAS Science Sessions Podcast with Mette M. Svenning and Alexander T. Tveit describing their work on Methylocapsa gorgona, the first ever isolated atmospheric methane oxidizing bacterium
Ny Ålesund. Soil samples of grazing enclosures. From left to right: 14 y enclosure, 4 y enclosure, grazed sample. Foto: Mette M. Svenning
Summer gathering 2020 Straumshella
Pris til yngre forskar. Foto: Jonatan Ottesen
Exciting microbes @forskningsdagene 2019
Unexpected visitor @Lagoon pingoFoto: Franziska Nagel
Lagoon pingo - from a bird's eye view
Science Day 2019. Foto: Next Table's Stranger
Kathi's Cells in the Cold
Our guinea pig
Winter drill @Lagoon pingo
Arctic peat @Svalbard