For students

Study Programs:

The Molecular Inflammation Research Group welcomes Forskerlinje students involved in medicine studies, as well as Master students involved in the research school programs, and PhDs. The students will have the opportunity to work on comprehensive projects, and each student will be associated with a team of supervisors made of permanent scientific employees and postdoctoral fellows. The topics and tasks for students will be adapted to each student, taking into account his/her background and interest.

The research group has an active student environment, with regular seminars, journal club and a good social environment.  Study programs eligible to work in our research group:

  1. 1.      Forskerlinje students
  2. 2.      Master´s theses- biomedicine
  3. 3.      Master´s theses-Medical laboratory
  4. 4.      Master´s theses-Pharmacy
  5. 5.      PhD projects
  6. 6.      Three-year assignment medicine
  7. 7.      Five-year assignment medicine

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