About the Research Group

The Paediatric Research group comprise university and externally financed researchers connected to the Department of Paediatrics and Department of Child and adolescent psychiatry, Clinic for Child and adolescent health, University Hospital of North Norway, in addition to university positions at the Paediatric Research lab. Prof. dr.med. Trond Flægstad is the leader of the research group.

The aim of the Paediatric Research Group is to obtain new knowledge of children’s and adolescents’s health and disease in order to improve prevention and treatment. The research is done in five project groups covering different aspects of paediatrics; neonatology, oncology, infection and rheumatology as well as child and adolescent psychiatry.

We have extensive and close collaborations with other national and international research groups in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and more. We share laboratory facilities and equipment with the Research group for Host-Microbe Interactions (HMI) at the University of Tromsø (UiT), as well as having a separate lab for the oncology research.