About the Research Group

Metabolic and Renal Research Group is a research group based on the dedication of full-time clinicians with 20 % university positions. Our research activity has been linked to the research unit previously called the Metabolic Research Laboratory, established in the early nineties under the leadership of professor Trond Jenssen.

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Over the years, our research areas have expanded in parallel with inclusion of researchers focusing on nephrology and cardiovascular issues. Consequently, the Metabolic and Renal Research Group was established in 2009, and is focusing on the following research areas:

The role of metabolic risk factors for hypertension, cardiovascular- and renal disease, as well as the role of  renal risk factors for cardiovascular- and heart disease. Epidemiological, clinical and experimental studies are used.

Professor Ingrid Toft has been the leader of the Metabolic Research Laboratory since 2007, and is currently also the leader of the Metabolic and Renal Research Group. The senior researchers are specialists in nephrology, cardiology, laboratory medicine, and transfusion medicine.

The group collaborates closely with researchers from the Tromsø Study (ISM), and with basal researchers from IMB and the University of Oslo. We also have international collaboration with researchers from the AusDiab Study (Australian Diabetes, Obesity, and Lifestyle Study, Sidney, Australia).

Presently, the group has 2 bioengineers, 1 postdoctoral research fellow and 4 PhD students engaged. Members of the group have contributed to more than 70 publications during the past 5 years, and we were recently appointed a European excellence centre by the European Society of Hypertension.