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Why Be Moral ?, Beatrix Himmelmann & Robert B. Louden (eds.), Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter 2015

What reasons do we have to be moral, and are these reasons more compelling than the reasons we have to pursue non-moral projects? Ever since the Sophists first raised this question, it has been a focal point of debate. Why Be Moral? is a collection of new essays, written by an international team of leading scholars in the field, on this fundamental philosophical problem.  



On Meaning in Life, ed. Beatrix Himmelmann, Berlin/Boston: Walter de Gruyter 2013.

Dag T. Andersson, John Cottingham, Hallvard Fossheim, Roe Fremstedal, Beatrix Himmelmann, Christoph Horn, John Kekes, Iddo Landau, Robert B. Louden.

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