New members 2017:

ERG are happy to announce that we have expanded our member base to also include associate professor Attila Tanyi and university lecturer Fredrik Nyseth. We're thrilled to have you on board!

Check out their profilese here:

Attila Tanyi

Fredrik Nyseth


August 2017: New Ph.D. fellowship

There is a new Ph.D. fellowship in ethics available at the UiT. The project must be connected to the issue of welfare, quality of life, health and the normative and moral significance of such notions or phenomena. New and extended deadline: September 4th. You may click to find the announcement here.


August 2017: New ERG leadership


From August 2017 ERG will be led by accociate professor Heine A. Holmen (chair) (picture) and associate professor Ivar R. Labukt (vice-chair). They can be contacted at: (+47 94 154 153) and (+47 909 10 574).

You may also click here for more information about Heine A. Holmen and Ivar R. Labukt.

At the same time, we would like to take the opportunity to express our outmost gratitude to professor Roe Fremstedal, who has been chairing the group wicely since 2015.

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