Research Projects

Counterfactual thinking and avoidance (Svartdal, Terum) Info
Extinction and PREE (Svartdal) Info
ART (Aggression Replacement Training) (Svartdal, Gundersen) Info
The High North as a Learning Arena (Dahl) Info
Transformative learning experiences (Dahl) Info
Living extremely (Dahl) Info
Evaluation of health information (Låg, Svartdal, Terum, Dahl)

Decision-making under uncertainty / computational psychiatry (Pfuhl)

Principle mechanisms of learning (Pfuhl, Thevenon)

Cognitive biases along the psychosis continuum (Pfuhl, Luedtke)

Critical thinking and deliberate reasoning (Pfuhl, Jensen Mækelæ)