The group has research projects in areas such as attitudes, emotions, cultural psychology and tourism


Experience sampling, implicit measures, and traditional survey methods. PhD project: Kjærsti Thorsteinsen. Supervisor: Joar Vittersø. Co-supervisors: Frank Siebler, Gunnvald Bendix-Svendsen 

Personal and social well-being. Round 6 of the European Social Survey rotating module. (Felicia Huppert, Nic Marks, Johannes Siegrist, Carmelo Vázquez and Joar Vittersø) 

From the splash to the ripple effect. Exploring tourist experiences of the high north. (Nina Prebensen, Tove Dahl, Audun Hetland og Joar Vittersø) 

Use of Canadian Community Health Survey data (2007 and 2009) to study 1) superior health of new immigrants, 2) predictors of the use of nutrition information on food packaging, and 2) the effects of work-place bullying on suicidal thought. (Floyd Rudmin) 

To develop an observation measure of acculturation, modelled on the APGAR score used in obstetrics.  This measure would be suitable for single cases, as occur, for example, in case management. (Floyd Rudmin) 

To use questionnaire and practice exam data to predict performance among introductory psychology students. (Floyd Rudmin)