The University of Tromsø offers several paths towards a specialization in resource economics. The only requirement is that your Master's Thesis is written within this field.

For English speakers, there are two possibilities; either the Master's Degree program in Economics or the Master's Degree program in International Fisheries Management. Msc in Economics require a Bsc in Economics or the equivalent. Msc in International Fisheries Management only requires a finished Bsc, but it is recommended that the Bsc is in Natural Sciences or in Economics. 

Both of these studies are held in English. If you speak Norwegian, there's a third possibility; the Master's Degree program in Fishing and Maricultural Science, where you can choose the Fisheries Management line of study.

Do you consider to write a master thesis in environmental economics? Below you find some suggestions for topics:

Externalities in conventional aquaculture. Farming of aquatic species is associated with negative effects on the environment. in Norwegian aquaculture, for example these are sea lice, escapees and chemical pollution. Based on the evidence from natural sciences you can make a bio-economic or cost-benefit analysis of aquaculture.

Cost-benefit analysis of ecosystem interventions. We sometimes read in media about the measures such as cultivation of fish, treatment of water in order to get rid of unwanted species and other interventions in the ecosystems. What are the economic benefits and costs of these measures?

Bioeconomic analysis of lobster. A high demand for lobster in the market caused overfishing of the species. Different management instruments were put in place to prevent the increasing pressure on the lobster stock: size restrictions, protected areas, limited fishing period and technical requirements. You can analyse the benefits and costs of these measures using bio-economic theory, cost-benefit analysis and microeconomics.

Following broader topics are suggested, following the IIFET conference 2016 (you might use these broad approaches in relation to a case study of your choice):

- Aquaculture: new species and markets
- Game theory in analysisng fishery economics
- Bio-economic modelling
- Alternative data sources for fishery research
- Economic analysis of environmental policies
- Fisheries and aquaculture under the climate change
- Tourism fisheries: sustainability and cost-benefit analysis
- Risk and uncertainty in fisheries and aquaculture management
- Economics of marine protected areas
- Economics of bycatch

You might also wish to write a thesis in business economics (refer to the HHT - The school of business and economics), where you can make a profitability or investment analysis of a particular project in fisheries or aquaculture.

For those who want to immerse further into the research world of resource economics, a PhD might be of interest. Below is a list of doctoral degrees with the Marine Resource Economics group (MRØ).

PhD in social science Erlend Dancke Sandorf

NFH (Norwegian College of Fishery Science). Thesis defended on 15.08.2016.

Thesis title: Valuing unfamiliar and complex ecosystem services. The influence of survey mode, knowledge and dishonesty.

Erlend works as postdoctoral researcher at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.


PhD in social science Nguyen Ngoc Duy

NFH (Norwegian College of Fishery Science). Thesis defended on 10.03.2016.

Thesis title: The economics of open-acccess fisheries. Subsidies and performance of Vietnamese fisheries.


 PhD in social science Thi Thanh Thuy Pham

NFH (Norwegian College of Fishery Science). Thesis defended on 14.06.2013.

Thesis title: Rent creation and distribution – Theory and the Vietnamese small-scale purse seine fishery.

Thuy works as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Nha Trang, Vietnam.


PhD in social science Øystein Breiland Harsem

NFH (Norwegian College of Fishery Science). Thesis defended on 07.06.2013

Thesis title: Oil and gas activity in the high north - Economic oppertunities and political dependencies

Harsem works as a Senior Associate in BDO Advice.


PhD in social science Jannike Falk-Petersen

NFH (Norwegian College of Fishery Science). Thesis defended on 12.06.2012

Thesis title: Management of the alien invasive red king crab - Integrating natural and social science perspectives

Jannike works as a researcher at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science.


PhD in social science Quach Thi Khanh Ngoc

NFH (Norwegian College of Fishery Science). Thesis defended on 20.11.2009

Thesis title: Essays on the Economics of Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries Managements


PhD in social science Sigurd Aanestad

IFØ (Institute of Economics - NFH). Thesis defended on 18.09.2009

Thesis title: Essays on exploitation of natural resources - Optimal control theory applied on multi-species and fossil fuel extraction


PhD in social science Le Kim Long

IFØ (Institute of Economics - NFH). Thesis defended on 05.06.2009

Thesis title: The Potential for Cooperation in Shared Fisheries - Theory and Application to Vietnam's Fisheries Strategy in the South China Sea


Doctor philosophiae Arne Johannes Eide

IFØ (Institue of Economics - NFH). Thesis defended on 14.11.2008.

Thesis title: Bioeconomic Perspective on the Norwegian Barents Sea Cod Fishery

Arne works as an associate professor at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science at the University of Tromsø.


PhD in social science Eirik Inge Mikkelsen

IFØ (Institute of Economics - NFH). Thesis defended on 05.05.2008.

Thesis title: Economic Analyses of User-Interactions in the Coastal Zone

Mikkelsen works as the Research Director at NORUT's Social Science Research group.


PhD in social science John Roald Isaksen

IFØ (Institute of Economics - NFH). Thesis defended on 08.06.2007.

Thesis title: Upstream vertical integration and financial performance. The case of the Norwegian fish processing industry


Doctor scientiarum Siv Reithe

IFØ (Institute of Economics - NFH). Thesis defended on 23.03.2007.

Thesis title: Essays on the bioeconomics of marine reserves


Doctor rerum politicarum Margrethe Aanesen

IFØ (Institute of Economics - NFH). Thesis defended on 03.05.2006.

Thesis title: To Russia with Love? Four Essays on Public Intervention under Assymetric Information: The Petsjenganikel Case on the Kola Peninsula

Margrethe works as a professor at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science at the University of Tromsø.