New PhD position at NSMU offered through a UiT grant

Deadline 20.4.2016.

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2015 ARKTROPP gathering at Sommarøya

All PhD students, main supervisors and two of our most important affiliates (Evert and Alexandra) met on Sommarøy from October the 25th to the 28th. From left Jon Øyvind, Elena, Evert, Olga, Tormod, Alexandra, Tordis, Mykhailo, Katja, Sergei, Alex, Anna, Anton, Yury, Odd and Vitaly; Erik was also there, but not here.

The theme was “Productivity” and “The Road Ahead” and we gave talks for each other as well as worked individually and supervisor + student. Work was effective and professional, and we aim to meet every Autumn.

The gathering was held directly after Alexandra for the first time at our faculty had held a course for PhD students in "Scientific Writing".

Workshop led by Alexandra Krettek

Over three days early November 2014, there was a workshop for the 7 PhD students of the joint UiT and Northern State Medical University program. The workshop was led by Alexandra Krettek and also included Tormod Brenn. The aim was to support the students in writing their PhD papers, and the students are currently working on their first or second paper. 

How to establish good writing habits was covered, but the main focus was on the manuscripts. Aspects included structure and deeper revision as well the micro elements as wording.

Alexandra's way of working is to activate students and during the workshop they were given the opportunity to obtain comments and from that revise their own manuscripts.

Our research group is in the process of engaging Alexandra on a permanent basis to support writing in this project which recently received prolonged funding.

The conclusion is that this workshop was very useful and that a similar activity should be arranged late next semester. No more than 7 students should be included and no more than 3 days should be used. At least one supervisor should be present.


Last changed: 04.11.2014

Barents Summer School (BaSS)

The first “Barents PhD Summer School” in June 2014 will focus on environmental stressors in the North and the challenges involved in studying human health effects of such external factors.

The main goal is to prepare young scientists (PhD students) for particular challenges related to conducting science in the high north. Other goals are to create an arena where these young scientists may interact with senior scientists that are experienced in high north issues and interact (as well as building networks) with other international students that have similar challenges. Specifically, senior scientists will be available to supervise on specific requests the students might have.

The course will run from June 16-20 in Kirkenes. There is room for 24 students (maximum 6 from Norway).

Persons involved: Torkjel Sandanger, Tormod Brenn and Erik Anda


From January the 1st, Vitaly Postoev started on a three year agreement on our NSMU/UiT PhD project. Vitaly will work in Arkhangelsk and come to UiT for courses.


Professor Alexandra Krettek visits our research group in February from the 10th to the 14th. She’ll support some of our students in writing matters and also host the Wednesday meeting at our institute on the 12th on this topic.