Book NMR time


400 MHz NMR

The 400 MHz NMR is running in walkup access, but you will need to book a time slot using the Outlook/webmail calendar.

public folders → MatNat  kjemi  400 MHz NMR

Click the triangles left of the name to expand the folders, clicking the name itself may
give you access denied for some mysterious reason.

The time you can book depends on the time of the day. We have divided the day according to this table.

08:00-12:00 Drop-in: time reserved for unplanned runs
12:00-19:00 Day queue: max 30 minutes
19:00-08:00 Night queue: max 13 hours
Weekends Holiday queue: free booking, but if you need to occupy the whole weekend, talk to Johan Isaksson first

General: The NMR is currently under heavy load so please use it efficiently! Only book the time you are actually going to use, don't book 30 minutes for a proton spectra. If you cannot use your time, immediately remove your booking from the calendar so that someone else can use the slot.

600 MHz NMR

If you need to acquire data on the 600 MHz NMR, contact Johan Isaksson.