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Research presentation of the project "LED curing devices  - temperature distribution on natural teeth correlated to intensity and distance" will be performed at the 47:th CED/IADR meeting in Antalya (Turkey) in October. The aim of the present study was to set up an in vitro model to investigate the temperature distribution of natural teeth when subjected to light curing. The hypothesis stated was that heat development would be correlated with irradiance of the devices used as well as on the time of curing and the distance from the curing tip. The results showed a heat increase at Ts (temperature at the surface) and Tp (pulp chamber temperature) were correlated to curing time, distance and irradiance. The risk of superficial tissue damage as well as pulp damage when only thin dentin is left and the distance is low should be seriously taken into account if the irradinace at higher irradiances (>1200 mW/cm2). The method developed has high validity and repeatability.

Recent publications:

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Nakamura K, Katsuda Y, Ankyu S, Harada A, Tenkumo T, Kanno T, Niwano Y, Egusa H, Milleding P, Örtengren U. Cutting efficiency of diamond burs operated with electric high-speed dental handpiece on zirconia. Eur J Oral Sci. 2015 Aug 28 doi: 10.1111/eos.12211.

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