Health care and insurance

Emergency numbers in Norway

Fire 110

Police 112

Ambulance 113


Health Care

If you need attention by medical personnel shortly after arriving, please contact the Emergency medical service (“Legevakt”)

tlph. no. 116117

24-hours’ service, at the University Hospital

Child protection tlph. no. 77797698

Crisis center tlph. no. 77611060


When registered as a citizen of Tromsø, you will connect to a medical center to get your own general practitioner. Please see


All public employees in a more than 20 % position at UiT are members of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund (Statens Pensjonskasse) . The membership comprises rights to retirement pension, insurance against accidents, injuries and disability. Group life insurance is included in salary conditions for employees' rights in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund, who are covered by the Government's main collective wages agreement. This means that the majority of government employees, in both temporary and part time positions, are covered by the insurance. Other employers can choose to affiliate to the group life insurance scheme of the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.

When you are covered by a group life insurance, your surviving relatives are guaranteed to get a one-time payment upon your death, regardless of the cause of death. The insurance is a part of your salary conditions, and is in effect 24 hours a day. Please read more on