About the research group

The tumour biology research group conducts basal and paraclinical research with a main focus on proteolytic enzymes. Many of these enzymes play a part in the development of cancer, but the roles played by the individual enzymes are complex as many can both inhibit and promote the growth of tumours and the spread of cancerous cells. The research group's objective is to increase knowledge of these enzymes in order to lay the foundations for future development of new cancer medicines, improved diagnostics or improved treatment of individuals.

The group's main focus is on oral pathology and oral cavity cancer, but the group members also study other types of cancer. In addition, research is carried out into the significance of certain proteolytic enzymes for normal homoeostasis and for certain non-neoplastic diseases.

The group is made up persons with a wide range of expertise and research experience, including clinicians, pathologists, dentists, molecular biologists and biochemists.  The group's complementary expertise is beneficial to many of the group's research projects.

The research group enjoys a close cooperation with other research groups both at home and abroad.