About the research group

The research group was established in the autumn of 2010.

The field of nursing comprises a major programme at the Department, with numerous employees and a comprehensive field of education. Nursing also represents a major field for research worldwide. The research group aims to focus on strengthening activities related to professional development and research production among employees within the field of nursing, to build both national and international networks and to contribute towards ensuring that education is based on research at all levels.

The concept of "the patient" is applied on two levels or areas to fully encompass the activities of the research group. One level comprises empirical studies within and of nursing, in-depth studies of how people experience illness and crises, and studies of training to be a nurse. The second level comprises basic research into nursing and involves historical studies of nursing practice or philosophical in-depth studies of nursing. This type of research is essential as it provides an important theoretical perspective and context to empirical studies.

The research group will focus on developing subjects related to nursing that encompass the full range of sectors and specialised fields. The main aim is to investigate and identify potential common basic phenomena related to understanding persons suffering from illness and/or who need care, and to find the best possible methods for monitoring and helping people in and during points of their lives when they feel insecure. At the same time, nursing takes place in many different contexts that require cooperation and that help define nursing. Within nursing research, a patient's perspective must also encompass the cooperation and complementarity between the different professions and subjects. One central aspect for this research will be studying forms of knowledge when carrying out the profession of nursing.