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The location for all course activities is at Chapaevskaya ul., 227; click on the Samara map at the Home page.

The time table is found to the right under Attachments.

David Leon joins us on Sunday and stay until Tuesday evening. David will open the course and give lectures on Monday, see the time table.

The guest lecture slides are found to the right.

David's first lecture is: "The widespread decline in cardiovascular mortality: A poorly understood triumph".

The second presentation is by Tormod Brenn and is on how research on risk factors for heart disease are conducted in Norway at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø.

Anna Kontsevaya will provide lecture 3. This lecture will discover how epidemiology data can and have to be used for public health goals achieving.  What exact epidemiology data have to be included to the epidemiology monitoring, how often epidemiology surveys on the population level have to be included.  What indicators and burden measures can be calculated and associated with public health activities or its absence. Theoretic postulates will be illustrated by the number of international and especially Russian examples. Lecture will include careful attempts to associate 20-years prevalence trends of risk factors and diseases in Russia with some public health actions, such as federal programs and some federal laws and other.

David's second presentation (lecture 4 and the last) is about IPCDR, The International Project on Cardiovascular Disease in Russia. An outline will be provided of the series of studies that are underway to understand more about cardiovascular disease in Russia and what can be done about it. Emphasis will be given to comparisons with Norway.