The statistical program package R will be used. This package has become increasingly popular, is free of charge, easy to download on all platforms, and is well examplified and documented on the net. The R Commander version which is easy to use for new users of statistical packages has pop-up menus and windows.

Participants should bring their own PC or Mac to the course with a preloaded version of R. How to do that is provided to the right under Attachments. You can also download R from watching: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zEbzZ9PqBo and then you have to go to the link under Attachments to see how to install R Commander

Those who already have installed and are familiar with SPSS may not need R as example data files also will be available in SPSS. However, all teaching will be R based and the experience is that even familiar SPSS users prefer to try out R.