Current reserach

The members of the research group in procedural law and dispute resolutionwork on individual and joint research projects. There are currently two larger research projects and several individual projects.


Joint research projects

Rethinking Nordic Law - Nordic court procedure and cooperation in the age of globalization

Procedural Autonomy: Room for Manoeuvre?

Professor Anna Nylund

Civil procedure

  • Europeanisation of Civil procedure
  • Comparative civil procedure
  • Appeals procedure


Mediation and alternative dispute resolution

  • Organisation and regulation of mediation
  • Methods of dispute resolution and dispute systems design
  • Children in alternative dispute resolution
  • The relationship and organisation of mediation and civil courts


Associate Professor Anett B. Osnes Fause

Criminal Justice

  • Rights of the accused
  • Evidence law
  • Police investigations


Associate Professor Jussi Erik Pedersen

Civil procedure

  • The court’s duty to give a reasoned judgment
  • General principles of criminal procedure


Criminal Justice

  • The court’s duty to give a reasoned judgment
  • General principles of criminal procedure


Procedural Human Rights


Research Fellow Jorun Rui

Criminal justice:

  • Comparative criminal procedure


Human Rights in criminal justice


Research Fellow Marie Vangen

Criminal law

  • State jurisdiction in criminal law
  • International and transnational criminal law
  • General doctrines of criminal law

Criminal justice

Research Fellow Mona Martnes

  • Child law
  • Immigration Law
  • Human Rights
  • Civil Procedure
  • Criminal Law


Research Fellow Christina Jensen

Civil procedure

  • Small claims: The Norwegian Small Claims Track – A balance between fast and affordable process and human rights
  • Admissibility criteria for the European Court of Human Rights – Non-governmental organizations