Here you can find links to projects associated with the Arctic Governance research group.


The aims of the research project The Arctic governance triangle: government, Indigenous peoples and industry in change (TriArc) are to examine how large development projects like mining, production of electric power, and aquaculture challenge traditional resource use and management, and the types of governance arrangements established to regulate the relationship between traditional land use and large industrial development.

Brennpunkt nord

Brennpunkt nord er et nettverksprosjekt som kombinerer utdanning, forskning og nettverksbygging mellom institusjoner i nord. Senter for samiske studier er navet i nettverksprosjektet. Tromsø forskningsstiftelse har bevilget midler til et pilotprosjekt og Utenriksdepartementet har bevilget midler til hovedprosjektet.

Pan-Arctic Extractive Industries PhD Programme

The PhD programme is a core activity of the UArctic Thematic Network on Arctic Extractive Industries, which focuses on the social, cultural, environmental and economic impacts from petroleum and other extractive industries in the Arctic, and building competence and skill-sets needed for industry support