Consent for storing blood samples and connecting information with other registers

All information from the Tromsø Study is handled with the strictest confidentiality and everyone who deals with the information is bound by professional secrecy.

The Tromsø Study has been approved by the Data Inspectorate and has received recommendations from the regional committee for medical research ethics.
As it has been stated in the information that accompanied the invitations to each of the Tromsø studies, a major objective of the Tromsø Study is to gain knowledge about why particular diseases occur. In order for this to be possible, this information must be compared with other information, such as from other health studies, previous Tromsø Studies, health records from the University Hospital of Northern Norway (such as who has heart attacks and strokes) or national health registers (such as the national registers for cancer and causes of death. If records are compared in this way, the same emphasis on confidentiality applies.

Consent declarations were not used for the studies conducted prior to 1994 (Tromsø I-III). Participants in Tromsø IV (1994-95), Tromsø V (2001) and Tromsø VI have signed consent declarations. The most recent one is shown here. There were slight differences in the consent forms used for each of the studies. As has been referred to, participants retain the right to withdraw this consent at a later stage. Participants wishing to withdraw their consent should contact us by e-mail Tromsøundersøkelsen.