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My data Why is the instrument PC not connected to the (AD-) network, making it impossible for me to copy/tramsfer my data?

Operative system (MS Windows) updates are frequently sent out to all PC's connected to the network and these may sometimes induce compatibility issues and bugs regarding the installed software of the PC, e.g. the software that controls the instrument.
In the worst case scenario the software stops working.
An instrument PC is solely dedicated to controlling the instrument and doesn't need operative system updates.
However, it is possible for you to copy/transfer your data by other means; see below.

 My data Why am I not allowed to connect a USB memory stick to the instrument PC  in order to copy my data?

If your memory stick contains some computer virus, it could infect the instrument PC, in the worst case brick it, making it impossible for other people to use the instrument.
However, it is possible for you to copy/transfer your data by other means; see below.

 My data So, if the instrument PC is not connected to the network and I'm not allowed to use a memory stick, how can I get access to my data then? There is a folder on the instrument PC which is frequently made backup of (typically every 30 minutes).

If you want your data to be backed up, your data need to be in that backup folder.
The data in the backup folder will be stored on the “ResearchData” server storage, and they can easily be accessed there from your office PC; see these instructions for more information.
In order to retrieve your data, e.g. from the “ResearchData” server storage to your personal PC / office PC, use a FTP client like FileZilla which will list all the instruments at the core facility.

In FileZilla you can navigate to the relevant instrument and find your personal folder with your data, then download your files to your personal computer.
If you are on a PC outside of the UiT network you need to log on via VPN first in order to access the FTP server.

Warning: Data stored elsewhere (e.g. on the instrument PC desktop) may be deleted without notice!

 My data How can I get Filezilla? See these instructions on how to do download FileZilla, and how to use it.
Volocity  How do I run Volocity from my own PC?

Download legacy versions of Volocity from Quorum Technologies. Note that ver. 6.3.1 is the last available version of the program (released in 2013) and it may not work properly on new PCs.

Next, contact the staff at AMCF to create a personal user on our Volocity server.

Install and run Volocity on your PC (you may need administrative privileges). On startup, choose the server option and fill in and port 15002.

When prompted, fill in your Volocity user name and password, and choose one of the available configurations from the dropdown list. The program should now start.

NB! Remember to exit the program when you are done so that the license becomes available for someone else.