About K. G. Jebsen TREC

We aim to reduce the suffering and burden of venous thrombosis through excellent and world leading research.

The total suffering and health burden caused by venous thrombosis (VTE) is tremendous. In Norway, one person suffers from VTE every hour and every forth hour one person dies from a VTE-realated cause.

Up to half of the patients who get VTE in their legs are subsequently afflicted with pain and swelling due to reduced circulation. Further, the socioeconomic burden related to treatment of the disease and loss of income due to work-related disability is very high.

Our research

VTE is a common disease with unclear and complicated disease development for which few risk factors are known.

Previous research has revealed some risk factors that can lead to VTE. Still, several factors have not yet been identified, and there is insufficient knowledge about how the known risk factors work together.

In TREC, we combine laboratory research, patient-oriented research and population-based research to reveal new risk factors and mechanisms for the formation of VTE, which in turn can contribute to improved prevention and tailored treatment of the disease.

Health studies such as the as the Tromsø study, the HUNT study (Helseundersøkelsen i Nord-Trøndelag) and similar surveys from Denmark and the Netherlands, are the cornerstones of our research.


TREC is a translational research center led by Professor John-Bjarne Hansen. The Center consists of three integrated research groups.

is led by Associate Professor Lynn Butler and focuses on laboratory research

TREC Clinic is led by Professor Jacob Odeberg and focuses on patient-oriented research

TREC-Epi is led by Professor Sigrid Brækkan and focuses on population-based research.

TREC is a part of the Department of Clinical Medicine at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Center's research activity take place across several disciplines such as medical biology, clinical medicine and community medicine.

TREC also cooperates closely with research environments at other universities and hospitals in Norway and internationally.

TREC is funded by Stiftelsen K.G. Jebsen, the Northern Norway Regional Health Authority and UiT- the Arctic University of Norway. TREC is the first K.G. Jebsen Center for Medical Research established in Northern Norway.