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Expertise and project participation                          


Hansen, John-Bjarne

Microparticles, coagulation, Venous thrombosis 

UiT-the Arctic University of Norway

Frazer, Kelly

Genomics, gene regulation, functional genomics

University of California San Diego

Rosendaal, Frits

Genetics, coagulation, venous thrombosis

Leiden University Medical Centre

Mackman, Nigel

Microparticles, coagulation, animal models

University of North Carolina

Aukrust, Pål

Inflammation, molecular biology, animal models

University of Oslo

Ueland, Thor

Measurement and use of inflammatory markers in different populations characterized by low-grade systemic inflammation focusing on cardiovascular disease and risk, neuropsychiatric disorders, and metabolic endocrine disease.

University of Oslo

Mollnes, Tom- Eirik

Complement system, molecular biology, funtional studies

UiT-the Arctic University of Norway

Njølstad, Inger

Epidemiolgy, myocardial infarction, clinical studies

UiT-the Arctic University of Norway

Mathiesen, Ellisiv

Atherosclerosis, stroke, epidemiology

UiT-the Arctic University of Norway