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EPINOR Annual Meeting 2015

September 2015 EPINOR held the third annual meeting. This time it took place in Oslo in connection to the Nordic EPI Conference 2015. This years meeting was a seminar titled: “To explain or to pre­dict? Prin­ci­ples and prac­ti­cal­i­ties — Do you really know the dif­fer­ences between sta­tis­ti­cal mod­el­ling for pre­dic­tion pur­poses and mod­el­ling in which the aim is to increase the under­stand­ing of mechanisms?”

The seminar was held by PhD Kathrine Frey Frøslie, a biostatistician from the Oslo University Hospital.  A shortened version of her presentation is accecible here:

We also had a great dinner the day before.  In between the courses we were challenged to a Quiz in Epidemiology. The quiz turned out to be very advanced.

Pictures from the annual meeting