Supervisor Resources

If you want to evolve as a supervisor there are a lot of sources to go to. Research Schools may arrange a supervisor seminar but there are also a huge amount of webpages and film clips about -how to be a better supervisor. We have gathered a few of these sites for you to look at whenever you find time to think about your supervisor abilities. We think you should find time for this on a regular basis!

 Useful links:


Supervision of PhD students

In the following video showing interviews with supervisors and PhD students point out strength and weaknesses with these changes? Would a young Albert Einstein be accepted today as a PhD student?

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

EPINOR wish to invite supervisors to all the annual meetings as well as to the Summer School held by EPINOR. This also includes being "junior supervisors".

EPINOR arranged a parallell Mini-Conference for all supervisors 5.- 6. June.