TREC Strategy plan 2017-2020

The vision of TREC is to diminish patient suffering and burden of venous thrombosis in the society by discovering novel risk factors and disease mechanisms

Common goals

  • To develop a robust and dynamic research milieu of ambitious and talented individuals with complementary skills
  • To perform excellent research through teamwork
  • To develop methodological tools in translational research on venous thrombosis (laboratory-, patient-, and population-oriented research) that are beyond the state of the art
  • To improve the public knowledge and the visibility of research on venous thrombosis in the general population


  • In TREC, mutual respect, security, openness, supportiveness, constructive criticism and evaluation are key elements for members to perform excellent research over time
  • In TREC, intrinsic motivation of members coordinated towards the vision and common goals of TREC is the driving force to perform at a high level
  • In TREC, all members have a common responsibility to recognize and support autonomy, individual skills, and talents


Professor John-Bjarne Hansen is the head of TREC. 

TREC is a fully integrated research center in translational medicine. The center has multidirectional integration of research groups in laboratory research (TREC-lab), patient-oriented research (TREC-clinic), and population-based research (TREC-epi).

Staff functions (administrative advisor, research nurse, and statistician) will serve the head and leaders of the research groups (research group leaders).

Personnel with permanent academic positions lead the research groups in TREC. Each research group is subdivided into project groups (PG) run by experienced researchers (project group leaders) 

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