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Infection measures at UiT

A good day of study and work

There's something about this place. Far from the capital, but still close to world-leading research and education, fantastic nature, and a large student and work environment. Together we make things happen and together we develop ourselves, each other, and the world. We all have our place in the north.

UiT shall facilitate good academic and social meeting places. Meeting places that should be open, inclusive, safe, and provide good experiences. We encourage our students to use the available facilities on campus, take the initiative, and keep in touch with their fellow students, both academically and socially within the current infection control rules. Your contribution is essential ♥

Here you will find an overview of which coffee bars and canteens are open on our campus.

  • Talk to a UiT psychologist / social worker
    Norway's Arctic Student Welfare Organization is responsible for the welfare of all UiT students.Through their counseling service, you can talk to a psychologist or social worker. They have emergency sessions, and for regular bookings they have a waiting list where you are guaranteed help within two weeks. The therapy sessions can be conducted both in person and digitally. Book an appointment here, or get in touch by telephone 776 49050. You can also call the Student Telephone: 116 123 (key 3) It is a free and anonymous low-threshold service for all students who need someone to talk to.
  • Leisure social activities
    If you want to meet other students, there are many teams and associations within politics, sports, art and culture at UiT. Here is an overview. Norway's Arctic Student Welfare Organization (Samskipnaden) also organizes several activities and events you can take part in, everything from walks and yoga to art workshops.Here is an overview.
  • Hemis:
    Hemis offer digital sessions for managers and employees at UiT. In Tromsø and Alta, walking conversations are also offered - "walk and talk" - for infection control. Contact Hemis for an appointment.
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