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08.10.2020: Positive COVID-19 test for student in Tromsø

A first-year law student at UiT has tested positive for COVID-19.

UiT has assisted the infection tracking team at Tromsø Municipality in identifying people whom the student has been in close contact with at UiT. The team will continue to contact them up throughout the evening.

– UiT is in dialogue with the infection control authorities in the Municipality and has acted according to the instructions and advice that they have given, says University director Jørgen Fossland.

The infected student is isolated. The teaching facility that the student has been using has been closed off and will be thoroughly cleaned before being put back to use.

For practical reasons, parts of the tuition given for those in the first year at the Faculty of Law will be changed. The students in question will be contacted by their faculty. The tuition subject to change is Friday 9 October.

After careful considerations with the infection control authorities, all other tuition and activity at UiT will continue as planned.

– We would like to remind everyone about the infection control guidelines that are in effect at UiT, which are based on the recommendations provided by the National Institute of Public Health.

If there are any questions, contact University director Jørgen Fossland: 95150414, e-mail: