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09.10.2020: New case of COVID-19 infection at UiT 

Another student at UiT has been diagnosed with COVID-19.

The student is studying medicine, and UiT has assisted the infection tracking team in Tromsø municipality in identifying people who have been in contact with the student in connection with lectures.

– UiT is in dialogue with the infection control authorities in the municipality and has followed the orders and advice that they have provided. We have an overview of which students the person in question has been in contact with, and neither the infected nor others have been at UiT in connection with lectures today, says university director Jørgen Fossland.

On Thursday night, it became known that a law student at UiT has been infected with COVID-19. Both infected students are isolated.

– In consultation with the infection control authorities, we continuously assess what we can do. We cannot rule out that the infection situation that we have in Tromsø at the moment will have consequences for lectures and other activities at UiT. We wish to stress the importance of the infection prevention rules that UiT has, which are based on the recommendations from the National Institute of Public Health, says Fossland.

For questions, contact University Director Jørgen Fossland: 95150414, e-mail: