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26.10.2020: A student at the School of Business and Economics is infected with COVID-19

Tonight, 26 October, UiT assisted the infection detection team in Harstad municipality after a student at the Tromsø School of Business and Economics was diagnosed with COVID-19.

The infected student has participated in class at Tromsø School of Business and Economics, and 11 fellow students will be contacted by the municipality's infection tracking team.

The classroom they have used is closed and will be washed before it's put back in use.

Seminar teaching for certain student groups at the School of Business and Economics will be canceled, and the students concerned will get information about this from their respective study programs.

After consultation with the infection control authorities, lectures and other activities at UiT will continue as planned.

– The infection numbers are increasing in several places in the country and UiT is ready to implement necessary measures if the situation requires it, says University Director Jørgen Fossland.

For questions, contact University Director Jørgen Fossland, tel. 951 50 414 and e-mail