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03.11.2020: New COVID-19 measures at UiT

The Municipality of Tromsø has today introduced local infection control measures and recommendations as part of preventing a COVID-19 increase. As a result, UiT encourages employees in Tromsø to use a home office more extensively, as long as the nature of their work allows for tasks to be performed from home. The closest leader may approve the use of home office for each employee.

The call for an increased use of home offices will at present not have consequences for the educational activities offered to our students. The tuition is, and will continue to be, a combination of digital lectures, group activities and curricular gatherings in small groups on campus. The University library will be open as usual.

Where practical and academically feasible, planned school examinations at all campuses will be converted into home examinations. Students will be informed in more detail about the form of the exam from their study program. Dissertations will continue as planned, until further notice, and candidates are asked to contact their faculty for further information.

The Municipality of Tromsø also recommends the use of face masks on public transportation when it is not possible to maintain a one meter distance.

There is an increasing infection rate in the population and the development in the coming days and weeks will show whether it is necessary to implement further measures. It is therefore very important that all students and staff comply with current infection control rules to limit the infection rate.

In dialogue with the Municipality of Tromsø, UiT will consider pertinent measures related to the implementation of teaching.

UiT also has a close dialogue with our other host municipalities related to COVID-19. As of today, Harstad Municipality also has local infection control measures that affect our business. The University Director asks all staff and students to stay informed about current national and local measures and comply.

Contribute to maintaining the one meter rule!

We have received several reports of concern from staff and students related to missing compliance with the one meter rule. The one meter rule is absolute, and a breach of this provision could result in the closing down of premises at our campuses. Your contribution is essential to the collective reduction of the spread this virus.

Questions can be directed to your nearest leader.