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05.11.2020: UiT reduces travel activity and introduces increased use of home offices

The Norwegian government and several of our host municipalities have today presented a number of new recommendations and restrictions related to an increasing infection rate of covid-19.

UiT will therefore from Friday November 6th introduce the following measures:

  • Employees, with work tasks that can be performed from home, are encouraged to increase the use of home offices. Managers must ensure that an increased proportion of employees work from home.
  • Work meetings and the like should as a general rule be digital.
  • Business trips that are not considered strictly necessary should be cancelled.
  • Students and staff are recommended to avoid using public transport.

The educational program for students at UiT will continue to be a combination of digital lectures, group activities and physical gatherings in small groups within the framework of current infection control rules. Students are informed in more detail by their study programs.

University libraries on our campuses will remain open.

Where practical and academically feasible, planned school examinations at all campuses will be converted into home examinations. Dissertations will continue as planned. 

NEW: The special measures at the Norwegian School of Management at UiT in Tromsø will be discontinued and the school will follow the general guidelines that apply to the Tromsø campus.

UiT will reduce the number of physical events. All events must be risk assessed. 

Events of a non-professional nature must be cancelled, unless administrated by a professional organizer.

Assessment of the need for implementation of new measures related to outbreaks is made on an ongoing basis.

– The development of infection is alarming, and we are in a very demanding situation. To avoid a full closure of our campuses, it is important and necessary that all employees and students comply with all central and local infection control rules, says University Director Jørgen Fossland.

– The Prime Minister wants us to stay at home and reduce our social contact. At the same time, it is more important than ever that we maintain contact with colleagues, fellow students, friends and family, as long as we follow the current infection control rules. For example, through active use of telephone and other digital solutions, says Fossland.

For questions, please contact:

Universitety Director Jørgen Fossland, phone 951 50 414 and e-mail
Rector Anne Husebekk, phone 481 41 286 and e-mail