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03.01.2021: Information for students and employees regarding term start

Based on increasing infection rates of Covid-19 in Norway, the Government has decided that all lectures and educational activities, except from practicums, will be carried out digitally until (and including) January 19, 2021.

(The decision was originally valid until Januar 18, but was prolonged until (and including) January 19, 2021.)

Students will be notified in more detail from their study program if the decision entails changes in planned educational activities.

Planned practicums will not be affected by the decision, and students who will commence practicums in the period before January 20, will follow the practicum site regulations for infection control.  

Although lectures are digital the first two weeks of the semester, the University Campus will be open for both students and staff. Everyone who enters one of our campuses must comply with the current infection control rules at UiT, as well as the rules in the relevant municipality.

During the period before January 20, all physical events on campus will be postponed or carried out digitally.

For the period January 4–19, 2021, the Government has encouraged the use of a home office for everyone who has the opportunity to do so. UiT will follow up on this recommendation, and requests that all employees clarify with their closest leader whether work tasks can be performed in whole or in part from home during this period. Both parties must emphasize flexibility, so that UiT as a whole can achieve a significantly reduced presence in the workplace, and reduce the pressure on public transportation.

Students and staff who have been traveling in areas where there is a higher level of infection are encouraged to get tested as soon as possible after returning to Tromsø. Check NIPH's website, which is updated daily, of municipalities with high infection levels. You may find the list here.

We hope that the national and local measures that are implemented are sufficient to slow down the development of infection, and that we can welcome all planned activities - both digital and physical – after January 20.