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05.03.2021: Local infection control measures at UiT in Tromsø

The Municipality of Tromsø has implemented local measures to limit the infection of Covid-19. The measures have been implemented from midnight on 5 March and will last until 18 March.

One of the measures is a requirement to use facemasks on public transportation. All students and employees who use public transportation to and from UiT must therefore use face masks.

UiT has been in dialogue with the chief infection control doctor in The Municipality of Tromsø and clarified that it is not necessary to make changes to current regulations at UiT as a result of the new local measures. For a complete overview of current regulations, see

Encourages students and employees to test themselves

Due to the fact that there is probably some hidden infection, the emergency team for Covid-19 in The Municipality of Tromsø has asked UiT to encourage employees and students to test themselves at the Municipality's new drop-in center in Breivikahallen.

Samskipnadens services at Campus Tromsø

Kraft sports center
From March 5 – 19, Kraft sports center and Kraft Elverhøy will be closed to members. The reception will remain staffed during the day for this period.

Food and drink
Samskipnaden asks all cafeteria and coffee shop visitors to register, as well as use face masks if it is not possible to comply with the 1-meter rule.

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