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17.03.2021: Local infection control measures at UiT in Tromsø are repealed. New recommendations apply from March 20

The Municipality of Tromsø has decided not to extend the local regulations for limiting COVID-19 infection. Today's regulations apply until midnight on March 19.

As a result of the high infection pressure in other parts of the country, the Municipality has the following recommendations for residents and visitors, valid from March 20 onwards:

  1. Face masks are recommended when distance cannot be maintained on public transportation, in shops and other places where people gather.
  1. People who come to Tromsø from municipalities with higher infection rates are recommended to be tested on day 5 after arrival. Possibly earlier for short stays.

  2. The first 10 days after arrival in Tromsø it is recommended to:

- Limit social activities

- Keep at least two meters distance from people in high risk groups

- Avoid going to the gym or participating in indoor training with others


For a complete overview of current infection control rules at UiT, see