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14.04.2021: Changes in corona measures

On Tuesday 13 April, the Government implemented easing of the national corona measures, and these apply from Friday 16 April 2021. We are pleased that we now can make some allowances and make our campuses more accessible to our students and staff.

The new national rules have the following consequences for UiT:

  • The distance rule is changed from two to one meter at our Campus
    The use of face masks applies in all places where it is not possible to keep a distance of one meter.
  • Teaching and practical training
    We’re opening for physical lectures and seminars in small groups. Students will be notified from their study program about when this starts. Practical training is carried out following current rules and advice on infection control.

  • Work from home and presence in the workplace
    Employees should continue to work from home if practicable. Nearest leader and employee must make specific assessments of whether work tasks can be performed from home, and whether the work situation for homework is satisfactory.

  • Meetings and events
    The main rule is still that meetings and events must be digital. The nearest leader can decide that events/meetings can be carried out physically within the current infection control rules. Indoor events can have up to 10 participants. At fixed, marked places, it is possible to have 100 participants. It is possible to have meetings and events with participants from several municipalities, but not with participants who come from municipalities with higher infection rates (measure level A-C).

  • Lab, field, and expeditions
    Ongoing and planned activities and skills training in the lab, in fieldwork, and on expeditions are carried out as planned, provided that the current infection control rules can be complied with. Further information is available by contacting your study program or immediate supervisor.

  • Travel
    The new guidelines do not entail any change in existing regulations and practices at UiT.

  • Access to campus
    Our campus, library, and study halls are available to students and staff. When staying on campus, the current infection control rules must be followed.

  • Student Welfare restaurants
    Information about which cafes are open can be found at

  • Museum
    Our museums are open. New infection control rules will be introduced from 16 April.

UiT recommends that all students and staff use the infection tracking app developed by FHI.
Follow this page for updated information.