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06.07.21: Fall semester at UiT

In accordance with the reopening plan and recommendations for stage 4 available from the Ministry of Education, the institutions will plan for as much physical presence and teaching on campus as possible from the start of the semester in autumn 2021. When the institutions no longer have to use digital teaching for infection control purposes, they can use physical and digital teaching methods where they are best suited.

The Ministry also expects the institutions to plan for teaching without distance requirements from the start of the semester. The latter means that barrier tape and markings related to distance rules must be removed from the teaching premises. In common areas such as canteens and libraries, however, the 1-meter rule will still apply.

At UiT, the current timetable for the autumn of 2021 will be the basis, which means that planned digital teaching can be carried out. At the same time, it will be possible to attend the lecture from the set teaching room (hybrid teaching) as far as possible based on space considerations.

UiT will follow the national recommendations regarding the corona situation, but we must also be prepared for rules and recommendations to change. Our host municipalities can decide on local guidelines that can lead to changes in the planned teaching based on the infection situation and access to vaccines so that we may have to switch to digital teaching again.